Art Fair 2019 is Almost Here and Pinoys and Non-Pinoys are Beyond Excited!

The local art scene in the Philippines has always been vibrant and competitive in and outside of Manila. The most anticipated event in the art scene have artists, art connoisseurs, creative, and art lovers raving about the biggest annual art event in the Philippines. Art Fair Philippines holds their yearly art exhibits in The Link, Makati City from February 22 to February 24, 2019. The renowned art fair is notable for its impressive collections, exhibits, installations, of superb contemporary art in the Philippines.

A Much Anticipated Event

From long-time art collectors and curators to newbie art enthusiasts and artists, there is definitely something to see for everyone’s artistic eye. Whether you’re there for a basic Instagram feature or for complete immersion on artistic pursuit, Art Fair Philippines has something special to showcase attendees.

Art Fair Philippines was founded six years ago with AyalaLand, BPI, Globe and Make it Happen Makati among others as annual co-presenters and sponsors of the event. Media partners who cover the yearly exhibits include CNN, The Philippine Star, and Summit Media.

The art fair will be extended longer this 2019 opening at 10:00 am to 9:00 pm at The Link, Parkway Drive, Ayala Center. Tickets are available online at Php 350 with discounts for students, PWDs, and senior citizens, but are only available on the day of the event itself.

What makes the Art Fair an event many art lovers and collectors look forward to is the level of brilliance, collaboration, and intricacies in the development of the yearly exhibit. Not only does it take place in an abandoned seven-story parking lot, but each floor also has a thematic experience visitors are able to immerse in upon entering each floor.

Art That Keeps You Wondering

Installations certainly pose thought-provoking ideas, from sculptures to paintings; indeed, there’s definitely something behind every creation. The setup of the event mimics an actual art gallery with copious space for people to roam and admire art from afar while sipping a glass of wine in a distance. Art from multiple artists in the Philippines, in Asia, and even Europe impart their work in the event and is spread out across over 13,000 square meters of the place.

Last year’s art fair exhibit had superb showcases which included a photo exhibit of black and white photographs from the early thirties and forties, by iconic photographer, Weegee, (Arthur Fellig). Such photos were on loan from the International Center of Photography in New York City.

Other images that were featured included politically charged photographs from local and international photojournalists covering thematic topics of war in the Marawi region of the Philippines. The exhibit was called “Everyday Impunity” which was curated by Erwin Romulo which showcased the works of Carlo Gabuco.

Immerse Yourself into Artistic Pursuit

The growing fascination and immersion into local art have truly been cultivating for years now. Since the success of Art Fair Philippines’ in 2013, the demand for more local art exhibits around the country has heightened. Rest assured, if you’re not an avid art appreciator, and just planning to go to this year’s exhibit, there’s definitely something that awaits you. Buy your tickets online at Php 350 and get ahead of registration on the day of the event itself.

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