Affordable Places to Consider Doing Your Grocery Shopping In

The meticulous way of cooking Filipino food is a must to observe and you can’t really achieve that without sourcing out the best of the best ingredients in grocery shopping for that is the basis of a successful dish. From the freshness, affordability, and quality, wherever food is purchased, it is always considered important to know how your food is made, and where it comes from.

Grocery shopping in the Philippines is made possible with the endless grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and even online super markets in various areas in and out of metro. Inexpensive food is hard to find now a days with price increases occurring here and there, fresh food, meat, poultry and wellness products can come out overwhelmingly expensive upon payment. Grocery shopping doesn’t need to be extensive or pricey, several grocery store chains from SM Supermarkets, Puregold, to The Landmark Supermart exist to make food selection and grocery shopping a breeze for you.

The Landmark Super-mart

Where: Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City; Trinoma Mall, Trinoma Landmark Extension, North Avenue

When: 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM (Sunday to Thursday); 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM (Friday to Saturday)

Grocery Shopping

The Landmark Super-mart is easily locatable since it has its own drive way and is right in front of the jeepney stop many people come and go down from. This makes the location even more convenient due to the excess of people that pass by and since it is also inside a mall which is connected to other Ayala malls in the area.

During my time in Assumption College, Makati, I remember spending a lot of my time in Landmark grocery shopping for my school’s relief operations and donation drive. Since there are many typhoons that come and visit the Philippines, several institutions, including my school took part in the annual volunteer relief operations. Relief operations and donation drives usually ask for the standard necessities many victims of typhoons and natural disasters lose. This includes food, used clothing, transportation, safety and survival kits which include some first aid kits as well. I remember making several trips back and forth Landmark Super-mart since it was walking distance from my school and was basically where everyone went to buy canned goods, packed food, and other supplies for the donation drives.

Grocery Shopping Grocery Shopping

The Landmark Super-mart carries a variety of food selections from dairy, fresh produce, fruits, meat, poultry, baking goods, to beauty, skincare, and wellness products. Aside from the cashier who will help scan and process your purchased goods for payment, “bagger boys” will offer to push your cart to the drop off point for pick up, or to the parking lot to help you load your groceries to your vehicle. The Landmark Super-mart not only strives to provide quality good and products, but services as well.

Besides these, people who plan to go to Landmark may also check out their food court just right outside the super-mart. The food court is known for the variety of food stalls, booths, kiosks and stores that are all easily accessible since they are all set up right beside each other, with a centralized sitting area for mall goers and shoppers. The Landmark food court is open every day from 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM.


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A popular chain of grocery stores across the Philippines is Puregold. Located in several cities in Metro Manila, as well as numerous branches in provincial areas outside the metro, indeed this is a nationwide establishment accessible to anyone and everyone. Besides the size of their stores, the economical products they sell from fresh produce, fruits, meat, poultry, baking goods, to skin, beauty and wellness products, Puregold is flocked by many budget shoppers.

Mission: To provide products, services and business opportunities to their customers
Vision: To be the most customer oriented hyper-mart offering a one-stop shopping convenience and best value to customers
Values: Sense of Belonging, Customer Service, Dynamism, Commitment, Integrity and Loyalty

Puregold being more than just a grocery store is actually a hypermarket which sells basically all the possible needs of a consumer. Selling basic commodities at great value and affordability is their flagship point, attracting everyday shoppers to stay loyal and avail more than the usual necessity. Beyond their impeccable stance on price and affordability of goods and products, they also have customer service perks like Puregold Exclusives.

Grocery Shopping

Puregold Perks Card

Grocery Shopping

Aside from several notable points of interest that Puregold has achieved in the last year, the Puregold Perks Card is another that really proves how consistent they are in living up to their mission and vision, prioritizing customer care above anything else. This perks card is designed to entice regular customers to shop at Puregold in order to gain points and rewards, eventually garnering them enough to win big brizes in raffles among other programs.

Puregold SnaPanalo

Grocery ShoppingThis latest service is targeted for shoppers who are busy and have no time to run grocery errands. Puregold SnaPanalo is a mobile app for smartphones where customers and users are able to just tap away their selected items of purchase and have it delivered in one swipe. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

No matter where you are coming from, whatever errands you have to run while traveling to the Philippines can be remedied by the endless options to shop from. If you’re traveling and shopping with a budget then Puregold and The Landmark Super-mart is here to welcome you and cater to your every need. From fresh finds, gourmet picks to affordable furniture and appliances, these crowd favorites are here to stay for your accessibility and quality shopping.

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