A Road Trip to Tagaytay is Always a Good Idea: Breakfast at Antonio’s

If you’re a local or an expat living in the Philippines for more than 10 years already, it must have registered by now how much Philippine Holidays there are applied by law. Many travelers and expats actually mention often how it’s quite surprising that the country has too much holidays. It’s become quite the norm to even move up some holidays in the middle of the week to the first Monday of the week just to be able to get a long weekend out of it. Working 40 hours a week is quite a handful for anyone in the workforce, people get sucked into the systematic demands of labor and employment, which in essence, justifies the constant need for a new holiday or a long weekend.

From my point of view, there is never any right or wrong way to spend a long weekend. You can stay in and spend the long weekend just lounging on the couch and binge-watching a few good shows and catching up with the newest TV series everyone is obsessed with. Although, spending the long weekend to get away from the city and all the obligations at stake is one other way to go about it. The best remedy for me would be a quick road trip away from the city, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a plane ride away but even a 1-3-hour drive to set sail or dine away the metro is a good idea.

Breakfast at Antonio’s, Aguinaldo Highway, Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay City

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The last long weekend I spent was during the Independence Day weekend just last June 10-12, Saturday to Monday, where my boyfriend and I drove up to Tagaytay City at the crack of dawn, around 5:00 AM. The stress we both went through the week prior was definitely pushing us to get out of the city and just indulge on a breakfast buffet away from the metro, and Breakfast at Antonio’s in Aguinaldo Highway was the best option for our quick weekend road trip.

Leaving from Makati City at 5:00 AM and driving for about 2 hours with no traffic down south made the drive going there much more relaxing than the usual afternoon drives from Manila. There was also less crumpled lines in toll gates which made the trip hassle free as well and got us to Antonio’s at around 6:40 AM. When we arrived, there were barely any people yet but as 7:00 AM started to set in, more cars started to park in front of the restaurant. It’s no doubt Breakfast at Antonio’s is considered to be a crowd favorite not just because of their stellar breakfast buffet, but because of its location, along with the accompanying view and interiors.

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Early Drive Up

Breakfast at Antonio’s is opened from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Since we arrived early, we decided to walk around the parameters of the place and enjoy the breathtaking view of Taal Lake. Driving up early is advisable since you avoid traffic and get to enjoy some morning breeze which Tagaytay is also best known for. Once we were escorted by their friendly service crew and staff to the outdoor seating I called for reservation, the games truly began when people started lining up for the breakfast buffet.

Breakfast Buffet and Must Trys

My boyfriend and I being quite big breakfast people were keen on getting our steak and eggs, as well as our pancakes, of course with unlimited refills of a great brew of black coffee. The savory meat partnered with their scrambled eggs puffed and cooked into perfection makes a heavy breakfast worth the bloating after. I on the other hand, found myself constantly pacing back and forth never getting enough of their pancakes, as well as their classic ham and eggs. The carbs started weighing in around my 2nd plate due to its well done sunny-side up. My preference for egg is very precise when it comes to breakfast food and when a place like Breakfast at Antonio’s nails my sunny-side up, I’m in for the long run.

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Finishing full, along with enough strolls and views soaked in, we finished at around 9:30 AM and made our way back to the city. Visiting Breakfast at Antonio’s at the crack of dawn is an experience people who are looking for some solace and time away are recommended to try. There is a greater sense of awareness when it comes to the surroundings that appear on the opposite of your car window. The drive up doesn’t only help ease your mind from all the stress and what not, but also shows you a good time just near the outskirts of the metro; one thing any local, tourist or visitor should check off their bucket list.


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