Why PH: 5 Benefits of Retiring in the Philippines

As a native Filipino who lives most of my life here in the Philippines, I think settling your retirement here in my country is a good choice. Let me give you five (5) benefits I think you could gain once you choose to stay in the Philippines.

Low cost of living Why PH: 5 Benefits of Retiring in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, most apartments or house for rent are cheap and negotiable. I, with my family, was a resident of an apartment in Manila for 21 years, and we have been paying its monthly rent for only four (4) thousand pesos. In a dollar conversion, it only counts as a $218.315 a month, and with that price you can easily rent an apartment of your own choosing, on your own taste and style.

Not only that, our daily expenses such as foods, medical sustenance, education, and transportation are cheaper compared to other countries. These payments can be different depending on the financial status other Filipinos have. As for me, we have been living on a normal living standard, and we cope up just enough, paying monthly bills and rent. You can have a great life settling here.

We have great natural settings.

Why PH: 5 Benefits of Retiring in the Philippines

I recently visited a hidden beach somewhere in Cavite, one of Philippines’ famous town. I went to a beautiful beach there called Ternate Beach with my mother, and we spend one day there—and we only spend a cheap entrance, like one hundred pesos (100) per head. We paid 200 pesos for the day stay, and for a whole day trip, we only spend approximately 1,500 pesos including our trip fare from Manila to Cavite.

Why PH: 5 Benefits of Retiring in the Philippines

You see, you don’t have to go the Philippines famous tourist spots and attractions at once, for the country has so many beautiful places to visit. You can enjoy nature to its fullest beauty like hiking, mountain climbing, and sightseeing without breaking your budget.

We are Friendly, Hospitable People

Why PH: 5 Benefits of Retiring in the Philippines

The Filipino “Bayanihan”

We Filipinos are widely known for being hospitable. We keep visitors at ease and comfortable all the time. It is not an undeniable fact, when looking back at Philippine’s history over past centuries—that we have been invaded by many foreign countries before. Socially speaking, it adds to our friendly way of interaction with foreign people. Our warm manner of welcoming new residing foreigners is by nature, and we help one another towards difficulty (a Filipino custom called Bayanihan) is what It think makes us Filipinos a unique race among others.

We share this unfailing faithfulness and we always have a positive outlook towards everything. We usually smile at problems, even though it’s hard to deal with and must be solved. We do so to imply that problems are just problems, and that’s why I think the country’s tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” perfectly describes our disposition towards life. I guarantee you that if you if you choose to reside at the Philippines, you are sure to experience warmer appreciation, assistance, and homely love. Experience the warmth and care of the Philippines culture and tradition

We have a simpler, easier way of life

Why PH: 5 Benefits of Retiring in the Philippines

A Filipino Family

We take Saturdays and Sundays off to spend these days with our respective families, calling Sunday a “Family Day”. We think it creates a stronger bond with our families. We know life is consists of timely stress and hassle, yet we Filipinos usually handle these with such wit and cleverness you can’t find anywhere on the planet.

Our family is more important than our work—but it doesn’t mean we don’t value work at all.  Most of us Filipinos are hardworking, generous and our simplified way of life can cheer and enhance anyone’s growth emotionally and spiritually. I knew a lot of foreign visitors over the years of my college period, and they all tell me one common thing: The Philippines has a simpler way of life than any countries they have ever visited.

We love English.

Why PH: 5 Benefits of Retiring in the Philippines

                                English in the Philippines

Probably our one greatest treasure, aside from all that is mentioned—is we do have an innate talent in speaking the international language, English. Staying in the Philippines wouldn’t make you feel strange when communicating, as most of us are fluently able to converse in English.

As an English Major, I find it a great thing for us Filipinos to easily engage foreigners in conversation. I experience a lot of talks with foreign people, and they always notice how good we are in using language. We highly appreciate correct grammar in everyday speaking and writing scenarios, so it wouldn’t be hard for foreigners to blend in once they choose to settle here.

Why PH: 5 Benefits of Retiring in the Philippines

These are some of the numerous reasons why I think the Philippines remain as one of an ideal venue for retirement settlement. There are a lot more factors why foreign visits are consistent, yet I think these five sums them all up. Come and experience the country’s wonder yourself one of these days, and you’ll probably find your best new home within the country!

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