4 Things to Consider Before Saying Yes to A Travel Insurance Company


Travelling? Before packing your bags, travel the Philippines and saying, “Mabuhay!”, you might have decided first to acquire a travel insurance service, to keep you well-ensured—wherever you go. There are a lot of travel insurance companies and banks in the Philippines that offers agreeable benefit and programs, so picking one is not a problem.

But before dealing with policies a travel insurance company can give to your ideal traveling experience, there’s a lot to consider first before signing up in one.

Here are a few things you should bear in mind first, mostly when it’s your first time to pursue a travel insurance here in the Philippines:

Is it Legit?

The travel insurance you are about to enroll to should be as legit as possible. There are a lot of insurance delinquents that have crowded the web online, so make sure that you will about to go for a sure, trusted company insurance—unless you would want to regret going on a trip and knowing later that you had just pulled out your travel savings in a sham. Do some research first about your potential insurance company, as being aware first hand is a must.

Does it have good reviews?

4 Things to Consider Before Saying Yes to A Travel Insurance Company

This is the first best thing you should do before calling up your bet insurance company— to ask your friends if any of them had acquired their services before. This will give you a hint of what to expect with their service, how they explained and implemented their policy, and how much would it cost you upon registering. If you haven’t got any friend who had acquired, you can also help yourself by reading reviews online and check if you’re about-to-be- travel insurance company is worthy of spending some penny.

Does it provide your preferred travel accommodation?

4 Things to Consider Before Saying Yes to A Travel Insurance Company

You should ask yourself this question right after your travel representative had laid their cards down. The company themselves should be able to suit everything you need before going on a trip, such as:

    Medical Coverage

This is the sole purpose of this whole ensuring thing—to get your health and wellness be assured. Make sure that the travel insurance you are about to enroll to should provide all the things that you need to have while traveling, mostly in medical aspects. You would also need to let them know if you have existing medical histories in the past, so the agreement could be altered depending on your medical background. Your wellness, and safety—among all—are the most important things to consider before agreeing to what your travel insurance company had offered.

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    Luggage and Belongings

Travel Insurance Companies usually cover your things, if it happens your things had been lost while traveling or if, unfortunately—stolen. The travel insurance representative should be clear and transparent regarding what, how, when, and how much shall their service with your belongings be effective concerning such matters.  I mean—it should be all depending on you. You also need to be consistent with clarification of their service, should any misunderstanding between you and company arise. And hey, it’s entirely okay to ask questions.

    Is your destination covered?

4 Things to Consider Before Saying Yes to A Travel Insurance Company

You must make sure if your insurance company covers certain places you would want to go to. It’s a rule of the thumb, to avoid miscommunication and agreement within both parties. Sure, you could spend two to three days in a certain Philippine tourist spot, but by nature—you would also like to set your feet on different sightings and place. They should have a flexible list of places for you to choose from, not limiting you to only a few venues.

Do they offer a reasonable cost?

Lastly, your financial budget for your travel, apart from your wellness—is an important thing to settle with your travel insurance company. Do they give you a good cost for their overall service? Is it expensive? And if is, does it give covers greatly their offered services? You must be able to balance your choices depending on their ability to give what you have acquired for, because clearly—it’s an insurance, so you are entitled to their service assurance.

To sum it up…

It’s a must that you must be fully aware and comfortable with the service your Travel Insurance Company provides. It’s a matter of life, wellness and productivity that should be prioritized when traveling. When these things are good with your travel insurance company, then you could have your best vacation and travel expedition, however, and wherever you like it.

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