4 Fitness Classes to Check Out When Craving for Activity in Manila

The need for physical fitness and athletic activities are becoming more of a fun trend than necessity nowadays. Nevertheless, the importance of exercising and attaining physical endurance is always a goal to accomplish.

For working adults who have an 8-5 job, it may be a challenge to make time for work out classes like this, but rest assured, the feeling of investing in your physical health is definitely worth every minute of your time and peso from your wallet.

Getting active doesn’t have to be done home alone all the time, you can start immersing yourself in group work out sessions with the following fitness classes you can join in Manila.

If you’re a traveler or tourist in the city and looking to indulge into some fitness activities, then the following may be something new you would like to try rather than your usual morning jog or night swim.

4 Fitness Classes to Get You Fit and Hyped in Manila

1. Pole Dancing at Polecats Manila, Ortigas, Pasig City

There is an off-putting reputation when people mention or hear pole dancing. Despite the association of the skill to sex work, it’s not all about dancing around poles seductively, mind you. There’s so much more tenacity, strength and invigorating energy one can get from pole dancing.

This reinvented aerial art and fitness form is about body strengthening and fluidity in movement. It is a skill that helps participants gain a sense of self and feel empowered by their own bodies’ capacity. There is no need to have a dance background to participate because you will be taught strength development through the aerial art.

Polecats Manila is located on the 22nd floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd., Ortigas in the heart of Pasig City. They also have branches in Makati, Alabang and the Fort. The studio is open from Mondays to Saturdays with the varying schedules. Rates may also vary so please refer to the chart below.

2. Bodhi Suspension Training at Onelife Studio, San Juan City

If you’re the type who enjoys precision in fitness and aerial exercises then another option besides pole dancing is suspension training. Suspension training is a more advanced variant of Pilates. This type of work out entails a lot of core strengthening, flexibility, and balance in training. Suspension training incorporated in basic pilates is a new and challenging form of fitness activities.

Bodhi suspension training is held at One Life Studio is located in Citiplace Building, 8001 Jose Abad Santos, San Juan City. They are open every day at varying times starting at 6:00 AM to their latest class at 12 PM on the weekends. Their sessions are operated by pre-registering and booking online on their website.

They offer personal training sessions and one on one session which may vary. If you and your friends are after a fun fitness activity, then you can start by availing of the PHP 3,000 unlimited group classes for 1 month.

3. Rowing at Saddle Row, BGC Taguig City

If you’re familiar with dragon boat racing and into cycling fitness exercises, then rowing is one new physical activity you will want to get into. It’s basically precision training used in dragon boat training which entails rowing drills and circuit training. The intensity of this wellness exercise is one that will keep you pumped and moving.


Rowing isn’t just done in a boat and at sea, it can be done indoors and at Saddle Row, you are able to experience how dragon boat racers train. The discipline and synchronicity of the exercise bring both fun and fundamental toning workouts to life. Saddle Row is located at 11th Avenue, 2/F Serendra, BGC, Taguig City. It’s open every day from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.


Rates begin at PHP 750 for those dropping in for a row. There are also other packages which begin with PHP 1,000 for 3 rides and for first-time rowers, 50% off the original price of each session and training applies. Visit their website to book your session today! Indoor rowing is definitely another activity that you and your friends can try together and invest your time and energy in wisely.

4. Gauntlet at Ninja Academy, Pasig City

Gauntlet is a form of exercise that includes circuit training and obstacle courses for 30 minutes each. This is offered at Ninja Academy located in 155 Drive, Sixto Antonio Avenue, Pasig City. It’s the very first indoor parkour facility in Manila which opened in 2014.

The workouts in Ninja Academy are diverse and highly incorporate parkour into every well-choreographed workout. Obstacle courses are made up of a series of running, jumping, rolling, swinging, tumbling, and flipping among others. If you are looking to boost your cardio workouts, then Gauntlet is one work out you will want to try.

Gauntlet classes promote discipline, physical and mental strength, as well as uniqueness in physical activity. Ninja Academy is open on Saturdays (1-9 PM), Sundays, (10 AM to 9 PM) and Sundays (10 AM to 5 PM). Rates may vary starting at PHP 600 for drop-in sessions with coaching and PHP 3,150 for a 10-day pass. For more details on their membership packages, visit their website today.

Wellness in the Fiber of Endurance Training

The need for physical activity whether it’s for flexibility, cardio or endurance is utmost necessary for this time and age. Exercising is being marketed as a fun and trendy way to stay positive and healthy which captivates a lot of people looking to improve their lifestyles and having fun in the process.

Exercising doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive. Changing up your workouts can be very helpful in maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle and fitness regimen. Try out one of the four or all four of the exciting and exhilarating workouts above to achieve your optimum best self.

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