3 Rainy Season Activities to Try in the Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical island located near the pacific ring of fire and only has two main seasons, dry and rainy. Although the country is sunny all year round, the rainy season still comes knocking during the middle of the year around June to August, with cooler temperatures from September to December. The Philippines is known for its rapid rains and intense typhoon seasons bringing in heavy floods and several school and work suspensions in Metro Manila, and other parts of the Visayas where the typhoon usually hits.

When the rainy season hits, many Filipinos are left to just stay in and binge-watch their favorite shows and movies at home. Although, for those who aren’t exactly home bodies and still want to go out despite the downpour, there are still some exciting new things to do outdoors instead of just bumming at home. Below are three exciting activities to do during the wet season in the Philippines.

3 Other Activities to do Aside from Netflix and Chill

White Water Rafting

During the rainy season, one of the best activities to do with friends and family is exploring local water sports. White water rafting is one example of water sports to try and if you’re a local living in Metro Manila or a tourist coming from the city as well, the best places to check out white water rafting is in Cagayan de Oro and Davao in the southern part of the country in the island of Mindanao, which is just an hour or two away via plane ride.  If you want somewhere within the Island of Luzon, there are also amazing currents in the Chico River in the Mountain Province of Kalinga, and the Tibiao River in Antique in the Visayan island, which can also be accessible by plane.

Museum Hopping

If you wish to stay within the metro, then maybe going around to experience some art is another way to enjoy the outdoors, while staying indoors perhaps. Metro Manila is filled with historical art and contemporary art that boasts an array of exhibits. Some places to check out are the newly opened Museum of Natural History in Manila City, the Ayala Museum in Makati City, and the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City.


During the rainy season, caves turn dry and come alive, good enough to welcome locals and tourists to see the insides of deep-seated beautiful caves full of interesting stalagmites and stalactites. The Philippines holds some of the world’s best collection of caves which oozes a sense of mystery in natural treasures with gorgeous rock formations and natural designs.

Spelunking can be done in all three islands in the country some of which include the most popular, Puerto Princesa Underground River, a plane ride away from Manila located at Palawan in the Mimaropa region. The Aglipay Caves is another iconic cave to visit in the pristine forests and hills of Quirino Province, Cagayan Valley just in Luzon.

Out and About

In the downpour of rain and sometimes gloomy and unmotivating cold, the city can be a place to just stay locked in at. Getting your outdoor activities in order doesn’t seem to be a bad idea during the months of June till August. Exploring the hidden gems of the Philippines doesn’t always just have to be a beach trip away, it can also be in the most unexpected places. Travel to the Philippines and see what lies within the archipelago’s beauty.

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