3 Hidden Grub Hubs in the Red-Light District

It is common sense to anyone who enjoys the nightlife and exploring the party scene will need a refresher and hang over comfort food to fall back on after several rounds of drinks and partying. When in Makati, many young and hip outgoing people know that Poblacion is the place to go for rad music, solid dance parties, underground clubs, and the bustling Red Light District. It’s also the raunchy home of renowned “Go-Go” and Hostess Bars in Manila, but inside these seemingly sketchy strip-clubs and bars is a rather unique array of restaurants, cafes, and hole in the walls that people come to for a great meal.

Top 3 Hidden Gems for A Solid Grub Post Party

Filling Station

5012 P Burgos Street, Poblacion, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines

A long night partying can make you uber hungry after several shots and dancing. Stop by the Filling Station and escape the dirty shenanigans and wild bars of P. Burgos. This retro 50s themed diner is the place to go for great hot dogs, French fries, burgers, and other classic American comfort food many hung over folks crave after a wild night out.

Milkshakes are also remarkable at Filling Station, with classic flavors of strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream at 295 PHP for those craving sweets after a round of Jose Cuervo shots. Of course, late night or early morning breakfast is also a huge craving, at Filling station you can get pancakes, waffles, and bacon classic brekkies for just 250 PHP. This 1950s diner is hard to miss for its bright neon lights, and the best part is that it’s open 24/7.


5779 Felipe Street, Poblacion, Makati City

Another spot to check out in Poblacion is the street food central called Tambai. The Filipino word “tambay” which loosely means “to hang out” inspired the whole concept of the open space pop-up. For some of the best and affordable quick bites starting at just 35 PHP, try the Roast Garlic Basil Yakitori Stick, US Pork Yakitori Stick for 50 PHP, and the Japanese Sausage for 55 PHP among some of the many bestsellers. Tambai is the place to be if you’re still not spent from a night of socializing as it is a place many go to meet up and even leave with a few new good folks to hang with.


5666 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City

For those looking for a little more dine and wine but chill after hardcore partying, catch up with your sober friends at Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli. This tasteful and relaxed spot is open from 6pm to 2am and is best known for serving local delicacies that drinks. There are cocktails which start at 230 PHP and try authentic Pinoy cocktails like the Sampaloc Candy and Kalesa. Alamat’s deli food is also a promising one which also best serves a fusion style selection of Filipino bar favorites like Tusok Tusok which is homemade fish and squid balls, for 220 PHP, as well as Sisig, grilled pork ears, best served with beer at 290 PHP.

Late Night Hunger Pangs

It’s hard to argue that late-night cravings after a long night of watching midgets’ box, strippers dance, or partying hard in a club can be exhausting especially without food. Give into your hunger pangs and stop by one of these superb post-party grub hubs and experience Filipino comfort food at its finest.

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