3 Globe Prepaid Promos to Anyone Who Wants to Beat the Postpaid System

When it comes to texting, it is no doubt that the Philippines is dubbed as the texting capital of the world. Pinoys are always attached to their phone with the preference of texting others rather than actually calling each other, thus the never-ending demand for prepaid texting promos. Globe being the number one telecommunication network in the Philippines, provides its users and subscribers with numerous promo codes to avail off, as well as postpaid plans that enables texting, calling and using mobile data for internet. This can be quite expensive on a monthly basis, thus the constant hacks people come up with since Globe allows its prepaid users to create their own promos, depending on what they commonly use. The main bulk of Globe promos usually include texts, calls, mobile internet data, Facebook surfing, Viber usage, and even Instagram browsing among other apps. Luckily, the need for getting a monthly postpaid plan from Globe or even Smart is not exactly a priority, due to the constant updates of prepaid promo codes users can avail of or even create themselves.


GOTSCOMBODD70 is a promo code I personally always use as a prepaid subscriber to Globe. Since I am just like every Filipino texter out there, I spend most of my time texting, browsing, and watching videos instead of calling. The promo includes 1 GB of mobile data, unlimited texts to all networks including Smart, Talk&Text and TM among others. GOTSCOMBODD70 is valid for one week and only requires PHP 70 to avail of, all you have to do is text GOTSCOMBODD70 to 8080 to immediately enjoy this service.

This promo actually falls under Globe’s GoSakto subscription which actually only included PHP 1000 worth of texts before, but has upgraded to unlimited texts for user to maximize their subscription to the promo. Availing of this every week per month would cost me about PHP 280 to PHP 300, compared to the postpaid plan of PHP 500 that includes unlimited texts and calls but only 200 MB of internet surfing, which is impractical for someone like me who spends most of her subscription on browsing apps and watching videos when on the go.

GoALLNET500 to 8080

Another user friendly and commonly availed promo from Globe is the GoALLNET500. In my opinion, it’s more convenient for those who spend most of their subscription on texting, either for work or leisure. With its unlimited texts to all networks like Smart and Talk & Text among others, 50 minutes’ worth of calls to Globe and TM, as well as 20 minutes call to other networks. The promo also gives 10 MB worth of surfing the Facebook app for those who avidly checks it. All you have to do is text ALLNET500 to 8080 which is valid for 1 month, all for PHP500.


If you’re a person who would rather spend time talking on the phone than texting, there is also GoSakto promo catered to you. The GoCALL100 is available for PHP 100 valid for 1 week which includes 500 minutes’ worth of calls to Globe and TM. This is utmost practical for those of you who have more Globe contacts and usually call for work purposes, which are quick and straightforward. All you have to do is text GOCALL100 to 8080 in order to immediately make use of the promo for everyday use.

Create your own promo through the GoSakto App

If you have very specific uses for your mobile subscription, Globe provides their users with the option to create their own promos. The tricky part of making your own promo is how confusing the combos are, as well as the steps it requires to do so when doing it the manual way which is by dialing *#143. The new GoSakto App which is downloadable from the play store and the app store makes the process much easier to do so. The following are the steps to make sure you are able to get the most of your GoSakto experience.

Globe Promos 3  Globe Promos 2  Globe Promos 4  Globe Promos 5

Whether you are an avid texter, internet browser, caller, games player, there is a promo that awaits you. Make the conscious effort to save money from availing expensive postpaid plans and try availing of the prepaid GoSakto promos that will not only help save you money, but also teach you how to hack the postpaid system most telecommunication companies demand from their users.

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