3 Filipino Internet Personalities and YouTubers that are Upping Pinoy Pride

Filipino culture is one that truly stands out in Asia. Not only is it a multi-cultural hub for all walks of life, but it’s also a country that thrives in its religious faith. The Philippines is in fact, the only country in Asia that is predominantly Catholic out of several other religions practiced various parts of the archipelago.

Beyond faith, of course, there’s a strong cultural marker when it comes to food, music, entertainment, and other forms of leisure the islands offer locals and tourists alike. In its prolific diversity, its locals and fellow Filipinos alike who happen to enjoy their lives in the Philippines took to YouTube their experiences of what local life as a Pinoy is from their unique perspectives. Below are three prolific Filipino YouTubers who found fame in sharing their Pinoy pride to the world of digital and social media entertainment.

3 Pinoy YouTubers to Check Out to Learn More about the Philippines

Wil Dasovich

It’s probably safe to say that Wil Dasovich is the most famed YouTuber in the Philippines. With more than 1.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 600,000 followers on Instagram, the 27-year-old rightfully earned his golden YouTube plaque for creating superb and engaging content on travel, lifestyle, fitness, and comedic sketches. This eventually led to winning a Shorty Award in 2017 for Vlogger of the Year which he received right in front of his vlogger idol, Casey Neistat.

Dasovich has partnered up with various companies, brands, and luxury hotels to promote the jet setter lifestyle. He’s lived in various parts of the world and traveled to many countries which he showcases in his vlogs. However, the most popular vlog to date is not a lavish or scenic vacation or event he attended, but an honest and genuine video on his cancer diagnosis.

The 27-year-old vlogger was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in the same year he won his Shorty Award which he successfully beat when he announced in February 2018 that he no longer attended cancer treatments in San Francisco, California where his family resided. Dasovich is now back on the YouTube space creating more content that celebrates local life in the Philippines, as well as his own life in Manila.

Erwan Heusaff

Erwan Heusaff, a French Filipino content creator is actually one of the most famed spouses and siblings in the Philippines, with his wife and sister, Anne Curtis-Smith and Solenn Heusaff respectively being two of the country’s most famous celebrities. However, this claim to fame is not something he needs because this self-proclaimed foodie, entrepreneur, amateur chef, restaurateur, and YouTuber can pretty much manage on his own.

The 32-year-old content creator has 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube and releases videos that promote local culture in various places in the Philippines. Heusaff resides in Manila but also showcases travel vlogs to his trips in the Northern and Southern parts of the country where he meets local cooks and explores the local food scene in the country.

Heusaff also has a variety of travel vlogs outside of the country and explores different cultures, while also giving his viewers a sneak peek into his vacations in countries like South Africa, Australia, France, Portugal, and many other places across the world. Heusaff also showcases cooking tutorials and videos with his sister Solenn Heusaff, a fellow foodie and amateur chef herself; some of his most popular videos viewed on YouTube.

Hannah Pangilinan

For the younger demographic in the Philippines, there’s Hannah Pangilinan who started her YouTube career as early as 16-years-old. She gained popularity from her viral video “Uptown Funk Super Selfie featuring Pangilinan Cousins.” The young YouTuber comes from a high profile family in the Philippines who have laid their roots down the entertainment and political scene in the country. The 19-year-old appeals to many young practicing Catholics in the country who takes inspiration from her unique content on lifestyle and travel, with guided scripture in every vlog or video she posts.

Pangilinan creates motivating and inspirational videos on her adventures while quoting Bible passages that she believes guides her in her journey through life. She recently moved to Australia for college and released a video explaining her move and the ongoing effort to revive her love for content creation.

Pinoy Pride, Pinoy Ride

Whether you’re living in the Philippines or planning a trip to the Philippines soon, check out these vloggers and content creators to get a sense of what life in the Asian archipelago is like. Get the right tips, tricks, and hacks into the best places to go, food to taste, experiences to try when you make your way to the Philippines. Experience Pinoy pride with a joy ride around the city and out of it like pro travel with these superb YouTubers guiding you through.

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