3 Filipino Favorite Soups to Warm Your Insides this Ber Months  

With the cold breezes making its way to the ber-months, Filipino locals are constantly looking for the classic soup favorites to keep them warm. It is no doubt that locals, as well as tourists and travelers to the Philippines, are exposed to some of the best soup dishes people have come to know and love.

Soups in the Philippines are quite different from the usual Western dishes. Filipino soups are a mix of several bizarre ingredients, dynamic flavors, and an unusual combination for every dish. Below are some of the many Filipino dishes that many have come to know and love throughout the years.

3 Filipino Soups everyone should try at least once in their Life


This is the Philippines’ renowned dish favorite right after the traditional chicken adobo. It is a soup that is sour and tangy that is elevated with flavors from tamarind. Sinigang is traditionally made with either seafood like shrimp or pork. Other ingredients that bring out the uniqueness in this Filipino delicacy include guava, tomato, green mango, pineapple, mangosteen, and kamias.


Another crowd favorite is the beef shank soup Filipinos call Bulalo. It’s typically composed of beef shank with the marrow intact, along with cabbage, pechay, corn, green onions, fish sauce and whole peppercorns to boost the level of flavor from the beef.

Bulalo is one of the best dishes locals love to have for a cold night in or out of the city. Preparing this special dish can be quite lengthy since tenderizing the beef in the pressure cooker is key to infusing the right flavors in the soup. Although, rest assured every slurp and bite is worth the wait.


Last but certainly not the least is this sweet, chocolatey comfort food known as Champorado. This delicacy is different from the other two dishes because it falls under the dessert category with its rich chocolate rice pudding mixture and condensed milk toppings. What makes champorado beloved by many locals, especially children is the richness of the dish in every slurp.

It is traditionally made with sweet glutinous rice, sugar, cocoa powder or even tableya (cocoa blocks) for a stronger chocolate kick. Condensed milk is dripped on top to bring out the sweet, simple yet dynamic flavor of the dish. Champorado can be served hot or cold and is typically eaten for breakfast because it is quick to prepare, but it is also a merienda favorite for many local Pinoys.

Soup Serving with Love: The Filipino Way

Whether it’s a sweet dish like champorado, a tangy and rich soup like sinigang or a rich beef marrow-infused delicacy you are craving for, it is a guarantee that these Filipino favorites are bound to keep you coming back for more.

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