3 Digital Artists Making it in the Manila Art Scene

The Manila art scene is one that has continued to bustle for a while now, with more avenues for local artists to showcase their talent. The internet, however, is a whole other story where many young Filipinos celebrate millennial talent and artistry in various avenues. Some of these include a vibrant platform for digital art that has shed some light on some of Manila’s talented digital artists. Below are some Instagram accounts to check out if you wish to see some unique yet phenomenal art in the digital space.

3 Promising Filipino Digital Artists Online

1.    Dominic Zulueta

Dominic Zulueta is one up and coming digital artist who manifests a lot of his art in his interests. From mundane musings like cats and everyday human encounters to idyllic character and comic and anime characters like Cowboy Bebop and Gurren Lagann from his childhood reads.

Indeed, the 19-year-old artist exhibits fine attention to detail, precision in technique, and a broad imagination when it comes to what kind of art they bring to life from his own. A lot of his art is inspired by a juxtaposition of western and eastern influences wherein he brings it to life by graphic rendering and “painterly.” Follow his work online @spitfire.blue on Instagram for more collaborative and commissioned content.

2.    Raco Ruiz

Another young promising visual artist and street artist is Raco Ruiz, who has been bringing color to the dull lanes and abandoned alleys lanes of Manila with his vibrant art. A lot of his work he claims exhibits some sort of surrealism, the kind that is bursting with color similar to the concept of a tie-dye shirt.

A lot of the inspiration Ruiz draws from is Japanese culture and various fauna, and other musings from pop culture. The young artist also does murals on the side wherein he brings to life a colorful and imaginative visual of something that excites people and keeps them wondering, something that truly sparks joy in Ruiz as an artist and collaborator. Follow his gorgeous artwork online in his personal art Instagram account, @racodrawsstuff for more inspiring art to muse on.

3.    Gica Tam

This female artist is one who likes to experiment with minimalist and ornate details. Her art encapsulates color and storytelling which she showcases in her digital illustrations. Vivid pops of color and wild imagery are a combination she enjoys bringing to life online which comes from a series of trial and error before fully committing to a piece she would post online.

Gica Tam is a graphic artist and illustrator who takes inspiration from a variety of elements from architecture, music, to fashion and other creative avenues like Asian mythology, scientific illustrations, and even 90s video games are some of the more specific creative avenues that drive her to creating such idyllic work online. Follow her on social media @gicatam on Instagram for more eye-catching content and artwork.

Going Digital

The changing times continue to challenge the mediums many artists and creatives use to showcase their art. There’s so much blossoming talent in Manila and even out of the urban city, and with the internet becoming a space accessible to several people all over the country and the world, a wider and more open platform is provided to those who have a lot to share. Digital artists and illustrators like the three mentioned above are just some of the many young millennials using social media as a means to display their truth in artistic pursuit; something many will continue to appreciate time and again as art duly demands.

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