2 Weekend Markets to Visit in Makati City

Weekend Markets is the place to run before Monday hits you. Notorious for the hustle and bustle right in the middle of the Makati business district, Salcedo and Legazpi Village are two of the most populated villages in Makati city. Residents, offices, universities, embassies, recreational centers, restaurants & cafes, and even weekend markets exist in these highly populated areas. People are either going somewhere or getting something, which is what fuels people from tourists, travelers, expats, and even for locals to come and visit.

Weekend Markets:

Salcedo Saturday Market

Where: Three Salcedo Apartment building near the Makati Sports Club.

When: 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM, every Saturday

What: fresh fruits, organic and fresh produce, flowers, meat and poultry, fresh fish, etc.

Weekend Markets

Weekend Markets

If you are a looking for a fun Saturday morning activity and stuck in the middle of Makati on a weekend, one place to check out is the Salcedo Saturday Market. The place hosts several booths, stalls, and kiosks selling food and produce from different places and in different varieties. There are booths that sell purely fresh vegetables from lettuce, broccoli, carrots etc. to freshly picked fruits like mangoes, bananas, apples, avocados and oranges to name a few.

Weekend Markets Weekend Markets Weekend Markets

Many residents and visitors come and plague the Saturday market in Salcedo for they offer the best of the best when it comes to authentic local food and products. They also cook and sell food like barbecue, inihaw nab angus (charcoaled fish), chicken inasal, and buttered shrimp, for those who want to dine in where visitors can sit in extensive tables and chairs set up by the villagers themselves. Dining under the shade and with music booming around the market, indeed it’s not just like any market in other cities.

Aside from fresh produce and ready cooked meals, the Salcedo Saturday market also sells beautifully arranged flowers from various florists across different cities who come flock the market to sell their finest flora. This is personally one of my favorite purchases when I visit the Salcedo Market with my grandmother. We both share a love for flowers which she incessantly collects and buys from different florists and flower shops in the city. Most of the time she buys them for love offerings to give to the church she attends mass in or flowers for the cemetery when she visits my grandfather’s grave. In the Salcedo Market, you will not just be given a “free try” or sample, vendors will also give you the chance to haggle for a better price until they make a sale and you make a deal; definitely a shopping experience to go see.

Legaspi Sunday Market

Where: Legaspi Carpark (Legaspi corner Herrera Street), Legazpi Village, Makati City

When: 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM, every Sunday

What: stalls, kiosks, and booths selling food ready for visitors to eat, artisanal and handmade goods, artworks and art supplies for arts and crafts among others.

Weekend Markets

Weekend Markets

Another village that hosts a weekend market experience for locals and foreign visitors is Legaspi Village, also in the heart of the Makati business district. It is open to everyone every Sunday where people come flocking for their unique dining experience and goods. If you are looking to get moving and just strolling around Makati, Legaspi Village is bound to be your first stop.

It is often frequented by residents, visitors and even travelers for their food stalls, and even organic products like their best-selling organic milk called Farm to Table. A lot of my friends have suggested trying this product because it’s beyond organic and 100% extracted from grass-fed cows from Mindanao, the southern part of the Philippines. Locally produced items and goods are also available for purchase which make good “pasalubongs” or presents to those tourists visiting and planning to travel back to their homelands.

Weekend MarketsWeekend Markets

If you’re in the search for artistic pieces, art supplies, handmade and custom items, then Legaspi Village is definitely the place to come check out. They are known for selling locally made art pieces and also where many big names in the entertainment and business industry come to purchase art. Not only does Legaspi Village serve as a host for artisanal products and bargains, they also foster a sense of culture by hosting several cultural performances and art exhibits on certain Sundays of the month. The Filipino people are always brought together by a fantastic performance and joyous gathering, if you want to see what weekends are like in the city, then be sure to stop by the Legaspi Sunday Market to take part of the prospering Filipino get together.

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