2 Great Organizations to Spend Your Time Volunteering in  

The Filipino word “bayanihan” means mutual cooperation for the good of all. This is practiced by many locals in the Philippines in order to live harmoniously with each other despite the perils of societal struggle. Giving back and making time for others is always a great foundation of volunteerism.

Being present for those in need, the sick, and the marginalized is what “bayanihan” promotes. This is not just limited to Filipino locals, but also to expats, travelers, and visitors who come to the Philippines to see what the country is like.

Bayanihan is a virtue that is innate in the Filipino spirit and is something that is continuously promoted by its people. Sometimes, donating money isn’t enough, making time and having a generous spirit towards people can create a much bigger impact in their lives.

Below are four great organizations in the Philippines, you can spend your time volunteering in for a chance to be a “bayani” (hero) for just a while.

2 Organizations to Volunteer Your Time In

Virlanie Foundation

Address: 4055 Yague Street, Brgy. Singkamas, Makati City

The Virlanie Foundation has been around for 26 years, founded by a foreigner from France which is a non-profit organization, non-stock, non-sectarian organization that aims to help street children in the Philippines. Virlanie’s mission is to protect and empower the marginalized sector of Philippine society by providing children with their basic needs, basic education through sponsorships and volunteerism from other sectors of society.

Kids at the Virlanie Foundation are also taught other useful skills that contribute to one of the organization’s pillars of advocacy and innovation. Virlanie children make handmade items that can be sold and purchased to help fund the foundation’s initiative among others. Aside from visiting the kids and playing with them, another common way to support the foundation is by throwing parties or taking them out on a sponsored field trip.

Kythe Foundation

Address:  Room 201 FSS 1 Bldg. 20 Sct. Tuason corner Sct. Castor Streets, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City

Another well-sought local organization is Kythe. The Kythe Foundation established in 1992 is a non-profit and non-stock organization with a core initiative to improve the quality of life among hospitalized children suffering from cancer and other chronic illnesses.

This foundation puts the basic hospital needs of sick kids on the frontline of their agenda. With a spectacular advocacy and Child Life Program, Kythe provides sick children with the proper psychosocial support for children with cancer and other chronic conditions, along with their families.

Kythe Foundation aims to promote the proper foundation for healing and growth while inspiring patients and families, as well as other people to believe in hope. The organization gives people the chance to take part in the Kythe Child Life Program through four different aspects of the program.

Adopting a patient gives people who want to help the chance to make a donation in order to help provide assistance for necessary medical procedures, medicines, laboratory, and other expenses.

There is also the Survivors Program that gives sick children the opportunity to continue their studies and education as they undergo several treatments. This program fosters a sense of hope and motivation for the kids to keep moving forward despite their conditions.

Make Your Time Count and Give Volunteering a Shot!

Making time for those struggling and those who need the most attention does more for others but also does a lot of good for you. Donating your time, money, energy and even just showing up for children is the best way to volunteer. These are the pioneering values of what it means to practice “bayanihan” in the Philippines, and ultimately, everywhere else you go.

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