2 Easy Ways To Activate Your Globe SIM Roaming Feature

Going abroad but still want to keep in touch with families and friends like you were still in the Philippines? No worries! Globe provides globe users who like to travel outside the country a convenient way to activate their SIM Prepaid on ROAM Mode.

In line with this, it is a rule that you should activate your Globe SIM Roaming feature 24 hours before your departure. Also, you need to at least load up your SIM a load amount of about 100-150 Philippine Pesos.

Luckily, there are only 2 ways you can successfully activate your Globe Roaming:

1st Option: Activate your SIM Roaming through SMS

Step 1: To activate your Globe SIM Roaming through SMS (Text), text GROAM ON <Start Date mm/dd/yyyy> <number of days> to 2884. 

For example: GROAM ON 09/20/2017 to 2884

Step 2: You will then receive a text message in saying that Globe has successfully received your request.


Text Message Translated:

“Hello, Ka- TM! We have received your request for turning your SIM ROAM on. When you are already out of the country, you will then receive a confirmation text message that indicates that your Roaming is already active. Note: You can’t use any local promos and Share-A-Load you have subscribed when you are out of the country. To check the roaming rates for texts and calls, simply dial *143# from your phone and choose ROAMING & Int’l.”

2nd Option: Activate Roaming by dialing *143#

You can activate your SIM Roaming by simply dialing *143# on your phone.

Step 1: Dial *143#

Step 2: When the lists show on the screen, type in 10 > ROAMING then click SEND.


Step 3: When the screen shows a list, type in 1 >  ROAMING and Send.

Step 4: A list will appear on the screen. Type in 1 > Activate Roaming and Send.


Step 5: The screen will show that your request has been successfully sent.

Step 6: You will then receive an SMS confirmation that your request has been assisted.


Final Notes

Activating your Globe SIM Roaming effectively takes one (1) day to be of use. Whenever you’re going back to the Philippines, you can always TURN OFF your Roaming by dialing *143#.


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