2 Best Private and Public Hospitals in Manila

2 Best Private and Public Hospitals in Manila

If you are going to stay for good in the Philippines — in Manila in particular — knowing the best hospitals for your medical concerns are a must. Manila has some of the best public and private hospitals where you can turn to at times of medical necessities and health care services.


Ospital ng Manila (Manila Hospital Medical Center)

2 Best Private and Public Hospitals in Manila

I have been diagnosed early in 2013 with a dengue flu. First, I went on to a local medical clinic where the doctors advised me to get my blood tested first. The result came around 3-5 hours later.

And I was positive. Quickly, I was confined in Ospital ng Manila where I was charged to stay there for almost one week. Ospital Ng Maynila is a hospital covered by the government, and that’s why I think during my stay there we are given sufficient daily needs like food and enough assistance—in a free cost. My Mom brought me a fan and was only charged with less than a hundred pesos for the act. The price may vary if you would bring up any other bedroom accessories or gadgets They have nice, open wards and nurses are very well assisting, though due to many people confined there—I have only revisited within 3-4 hours apart in a day, two times a day.

It’s less than one-hour drive and rode to Ospital ng Maynila—if you reside around the city. It’s a convenient hospital for mild illnesses, quick check-ups, and treatments.

    Philippine General Hospital

2 Best Private and Public Hospitals in Manila

It’s the most prominent hospital in Manila. Like the Ospital ng Maynila, it is one of the most sought-after hospitals Filipino people from all walks of life usually goes to. Operations and confinements are the same with the Ospital ng Maynila. They also have sufficient medical equipment and facilities. It’s also a government administered hospital, hence why bills and payments are in some cheaper and reasonable prices.

A single room in public hospitals costs P850 a day, while ICU rooms may rate higher.


    Makati Medical Center

2 Best Private and Public Hospitals in Manila

Located at the center of Makati, it’s one of Manila’s reliable hospitals throughout years. They offer different services such as Aesthetic Surgeries, Anesthesiology, Transplants, Cancer treatments, Cardio Vascular Cares, Dermatology and much more.

Makati Medical Center has online billing options, in which you can pay any of your confined family members’ bill virtually through this link: http://www.makatimed.ph/online-billing

Also, Makati Med offers many Premium rooms and suites you’d like to occupy. You can also reserve and know the rate of your room beforehand, by filling up this online form.


From the reviews I read, it’s by far one of the great recommended private hospitals by Filipino Netizens. The hospital has many professional doctors in different specializations and offers good alternative and cure to illnesses.

St. Luke’s Hospitals

2 Best Private and Public Hospitals in Manila

The most famous, private hospital in Manila. This is where Philippine politicians and celebrities usually confine. It is noted to have the most state-of-the-art facilities and complete medical equipment. St. Luke’s has two modes of payments: Direct Settlement and Collect. Direct Payment is where you can pay the fees directly to you assigned doctor, or you pay to the Hospital Cashier together with the hospital bill. The Hospital accepts only cash or credit cards upon payment, and checks are only considered for initial payments.

Rates per night in St. Lukes can be as low as P1,000 in a four-bed private room, and P1,800 in a two-bed private room. Private rooms may range from 2,500 to 6,000 per night. By the reviews I read, Filipino netizens recommend St. Luke’s for anyone, as the pricey payment is worthy of the assistance and service.

Final notes

PhilHealth, Travel Insurance

If you have a relative who is a member of Phil Health (a Philippine Medical Membership), you can present their PhilHealth Card to any of Philippine public or private hospital to avail certain discounts and deductions regarding your confinement or treatment. (Must Read: PhilHealth is now open for foreigners )

You should also always bring with your travel insurance,  and secure your health insurance first to avail such deductions and settle for lesser payments.

Public Hospitals tend to have a cheaper price settlement compared to private ones. The quality of service may be different. Private Hospitals tend to give more privacy and preferred assistance of patients than public ones. Private hospitals also practice confidentiality regarding your confinement or check-up, should you wish to consider one.

Public Hospitals are affordable, Private ones are reliable—yet you can trust both when you are in need to be confined, be treated and be professionally healed.

Here are some more General information about the Philippines you need to know.

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