Celebrating Philippines’ 122nd Independence Day Online

The Independence Day (Araw ng Kalayaan or Araw ng Kasarinlan) of the Philippines is observed every June 12th to celebrate the country’s declaration of freedom from the Spanish colonial rule. 

This annual holiday allows Filipinos to publicly gather for parades, parties, and assemblies in order to express the rights to life, freedom, and expression that we are attaining now. However, due to the news about COVID-19 pandemic, people are discouraged to do so this year. 

Celebrating Philippines' 122nd Independence Day Online

Filipinos are known because of our rich culture and expressive arts. And with Pinoys‘ resiliency despite the lockdown, artists still thought of a different yet unique way to commemorate the Philippine wonders of our Inang Bayan

Even when people can’t go to the physical theatres for now, Philippine Opera Company, Stages Production Specialists, Open House Fundraiser, and Love Philstage organized an accessible celebration for the 122th Philippine Independence Day through the online musical series called “Dati Akong Paraluman”.

Celebrating Philippines' 122nd Independence Day Online

Dati Akong Paraluman is a seven-episode musical that will be played on Facebook for Independence Day. This online show is a special feature of the classic Philippine poetry that is crossed over between songs. It is free for all Filipinos all over the world. Just remember that its running time starts at 5:00 PM, Philippine Standard Time (GMT+8) with succeeding eps every 30 minutes. 

In Philippine Opera’s official Facebook post, the team said that the idea of playing Dati Akong Paraluman in the online world is a genuine commemoration of the land. They added that these musicals intend “to celebrate the beauty of the Philippines that was and using such beauty to inspire viewers to care for the Philippines yet to come.” 

Celebrating Philippines' 122nd Independence Day Online

And with this… Maligayang Araw ng Kasarinlan, mahal naming Pilipinas!

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